Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions outlined below refer to all services provided by Smart Transfers (CID Solutions LTD), with the following key details.
• Company based at 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, England, N1 7GU
• Company registration number 10420546
• Operator license number 6346
The customer automatically agrees with all terms and conditions at the moment of making a booking online, by phone, email or chat, as well as directly with the driver. Our team is happy to answer any existing questions at 02070934097 or by email at office@smart-transfers.co.uk.

Terms & Conditions


1.1. “Account” represents a Customer Account that has been opened by the Company and is linked to a particular Customer, being identified by the allocated security number (the “Customer Account Number”)

1.2. “Account Customer” represents any Customer who is provided with Account Services in respect of a particular Booking and which shall include any representative of the Customer which makes the Booking or uses the Services pursuant to such Booking.

1.3. “Account Services” represent the Services that the Company provides to an Account Customer before submitting a Booking.

1.4. “Booking” represents the request for Services that a Customer submits to the Company as evidenced by the Company’s records.

1.5. “Business Day” is considered every official working day of the week. These are the days between and including Monday to Friday and do not include public holidays, bank holidays and weekends.

1.6. “Cancellation Fee” is a sum of money that the client must pay if the cancellation of the booking is requested prior to the collection time or after the Passenger Vehicle has departed to fulfil the booking. The cancellation fee will equal the amount mentioned in the Price List and/or in the Cancellation Policy.

1.7. “Cash Customer” is a Customer which opts to pay for the transportation Services by cash. The fare will be collected by the Driver, at the time of the trip.

1.8. “Cash Services” are the Services that are delivered by the Driver to the Customer and are paid in return by the way of a cash payment.

1.9. “Contract” represents an agreement to provide transportation Services to the client and is bound by all these terms and conditions.

1.10. “London” includes the Zone within M25 Motorway outlined by the guidelines given by Transport for London.

1.11. “Charges” refer to the price the client pays for the rendered service. All charges are shown within the Price list or alternative printed literature.

1.12. “Christmas Period” includes the hours between 6 p.m. on 24th December to 6 p.m. on 26th December, in any year.

1.13. “New Year’s Period” includes the time between 6 p.m. on 31st December to 6 p.m. on 1st January, in any year.

1.14. “Collection Address” represents the address given by the client at the time of creating the Booking and suggests where will the Vehicle collect any Passengers and/or luggage.

1.15. “Company” refers to CID Solutions LTD and any associated firms/subsidiaries, that provide the transportation Services to the client base on the contract agreed at the moment of the booking.

1.16. “Credit and Debit Card Services” refer to the Services supplied by CID Solutions LTD paid by the customers in return by credit or debit card.

1.17. “Customer” refers to any private or public entity to whom the company provides transportation Services.

1.18. “Driver” is the certified person who supplies his/her services, for the transportation of Passengers by a Passenger Vehicle, to the company as a result of the signed Service contract.

1.19. “Goods” include all products that are transported by the company as a result of the Service Contract.

1.20. “In Writing” includes all written communication such as email and SMS.

1.21. “Passenger(s)” include the riders other than the driver, who travel in the Passenger Vehicle and are bound by the contract signed at the time of the booking.
1.22. “Passenger Vehicle” refers to any vehicle provided by the company for the carriage of Passengers.
1.23. “Price List” represents the list of Charges, which can be updated from time to time, referring to the Services provided by the company, a current copy of which might be obtained on asking.
1.24. “Services” include: (a) the car transportation of Passengers, as well as (b) the carriage or delivery of products by vehicle within Great Britain or any other services, agreed in writing between the customer and the company.
1.25. “Terms” include all terms and conditions, as amended from time to time, that the Passenger(s) agree to at the moment of agreeing to use any of our services.
1.26. “Extra Waiting Time Fee” is a sum of money that is paid by the client to the company in accordance with the terms and conditions and is outlined in the Price List.


2.1. Credit and Debit Card Services
2.1.1. If at the moment of making a booking, the customer chooses to pay for the provided services by Credit or Debit Card, the Company will verify and process the card details before the booking is confirmed. The customer agrees to pay a card handling fee that will be charged when submitting the booking as outlined in the Price list.

2.2. Cash Services
2.2.1. The Company acts as the agent of the Driver for all Cash Services Bookings with the purpose of arranging and setting the conditions of the Cash Services Booking between the Driver and the Customer. The driver will be the principal point of contact with the Customer and the professional service will be bound by these Terms and Conditions.
2.2.2. In case of Non-Account bookings, the Customer will pay for the carriage services directly to the Driver upon completion of the trip or earlier if the Driver considers this necessary. The payment will be made by cash, cheques or card payment. If applicable, VAT will be charged (depending on the individual VAT status of the driver). If the Customer chooses to pay by Credit or Debit Card a processing fee will be deducted at the time of payment. The amount of the Processing Fee is shown in the Price List.
2.2.3. In the case of Card Payments, the company will issue an email confirmation/ receipt of the booking prior to the start of the journey. If any additional charges are incurred and the Customer requests a detailed receipt of the journey fare, the Company will send such receipt within 48 hours after the journey.

2.3. Passenger Services – Fees and Charges
2.3.1. The price given to the client at the moment of making the booking is based on the journey information specified by the client and includes the sum of money to be paid for the distance between the collection point and the Drop-off address. The route is decided by the company and if the customer requests a different route to be taken by the driver, the company reserves the right to apply additional charges to the original fare.
2.3.2. Additional charges can be applied at the company’s discretion for deviations from the original journey at the request of the client.
2.3.3. The Price List can be modified by the company within the time frames decided by the company and a minimum of 5 Business Days written notice will be given to the Customer.
2.3.4. If a customer cancels a booking less than two hours prior to the pick-up time as well as on or after the arrival of the Passenger Vehicle at the Collection point, a Cancellation Fee equal to the trip fare will be charged.
2.3.5. The Customer and all pieces of luggage or personal items should be ready for the pick-up at the time stipulated by the Client when the Booking is completed. The Customer is entitled to a maximum of 15 minutes of free waiting time. If the delay in boarding the Passenger Vehicle is longer than 15 minutes, the Customer will be liable to pay a Waiting Time Fee. The details regarding the amount of the Waiting Time fee can be found in the Price List. If the Customer does not inform the company about the delay at the collection address and does not contact the company or the driver during the free 15 minutes’ waiting time, the booking will be cancelled, and full fare will be charged due to customer’s no show.
2.3.6. If the Customer is to be collected from an airport (Gatwick, Luton, Heathrow, Stansted, Southend or London City) or a major port/cruise terminal (Dover, Tilbury, Southampton, Harwich, Portsmouth) a maximum free waiting time of 30 minutes from the agreed pick-up time will be allowed. The scheduled time is indicated by the Customer when making the booking and should include the Meet and Greet time. In case the Client does not board the Passenger Vehicle within the free 30 minutes of the waiting time, the Company will charge the Client a Waiting Time Fee that is proportionate to the departure delay. The details regarding the amount of the Waiting Time fee can be found in the Price List. If the Customer does not inform the company about the delay at the collection address and does not contact the company or the driver during the free 30 minutes’ waiting time, the booking will be cancelled, and full fare will be charged due to customer’s no show.
2.3.7. If the Customer is to be collected from a London train station a maximum free waiting time of 15 minutes from the indicated collection time will be allowed. The scheduled time is indicated by the Customer when making the booking and does not include the Meet and Greet service. The Client can add the Meet and Greet service at a cost, prior to agreeing with the Company. The price is included in the Price List. In case the Client does not board the Passenger Vehicle within the free 15 minutes of the waiting time, the Company will charge the Client a Waiting Time Fee that is proportionate to the departure delay. The details regarding the amount of the Waiting Time fee can be found in the Price List. If the Customer does not inform the company about the delay at the collection address and does not contact the company or the driver during the free 15 minutes’ waiting time, the booking will be cancelled, and full fare will be charged due to customer’s no show.
2.3.8. If the collection is to be made from an airport, port, train station or address that requires a paid parking, the Customer is liable for the payment of any applicable parking fees. The Car parking fees can be found in our Price List.
2.3.9. The Company reserves the right to apply additional charges to the original fare if the Customer requests any changes to be made to the Original Journey, including changes in the collection or drop-off locations, the addition of multiple pick-ups or drop-offs or any other alteration of the Original Journey. The carriage services will be denied to any Customers who refuse to pay the modified fare as a result of the change of the Original Journey.
2.3.10. If at the moment of the pick-up the number of passengers or luggage is different from the information stated when making the booking, the Company reserves the right to refuse the carriage of the passenger and to cancel the existing contract with the Customer.
2.3.11. All bookings where the number of passengers is more than four persons will imply an additional charge and a larger Passenger Vehicle will be provided by the company. If the number of passengers is less than four but the pieces of large luggage are greater than 3 additional charges may be applied if the Company thinks that a larger car is needed. The details regarding the additional fees are included in the Price List.
2.3.12. All journeys booked for the period of Christmas and New Year, as well as UK Public Holidays, will be charged at a higher price. The surcharge amount is outlined in the Price List.
2.3.13. If the Customer requires an extra to be added to the booking, such as a child seat an additional charge will be applied to the booking. The full list of available extras for the trip is included in the Price List.
2.3.14. If the Customer is liable for any pending payments, the Company reserves the right to keep any goods belonging to the Customer until the outstanding payments are cleared.

2.4. Passenger Services – General
2.4.1. The Company reserves the right to decline any booking without giving further explanations to the Customer.
2.4.2. The route from the pick-up point to the drop off will be decided by the driver and any alteration of the selected route at the request of the customer will imply a recalculation of the fare, additional charges being applied.
2.4.3. If the Customer plans to carry any domestic animals in the Passenger Vehicle, they must inform the Company at the moment of submitting the booking. All animals must be carried in cages or boxes that suit their needs to assure no harm is made to the driver or the vehicle. If the Passenger does not inform the Company of the animals to be carried or these are not carried in an appropriate box, the driver or the Company reserves the right to deny their carriage. If this is the case, the booking will be cancelled on arrival. The only exception to the rule is the guide dogs that can be carried within the Passenger Vehicle.
2.4.4. The Company engages in providing the Customer with a Passenger vehicle of the type chosen during the booking, that technically is in good condition and that covers all Customer’s requests, including agreed extras. Child seats are not a legal requirement for private hire vehicles, however, these can be added as extras, at additional costs. If the agreed vehicle is not available, a replacement car will be sent at the earliest convenience.
2.4.5. The consumption of alcohol is forbidden during the journey and the driver reserves the right to deny the carriage of any Customers who appear to be intoxicated.
2.4.6. Smoking is forbidden for the duration of the journey and the driver reserves the right to end an ongoing trip without reaching the destination if this rule is broken. The rule applies to e-cigarettes as well.
2.4.7. Luggage transportation in the Passenger Vehicle is conditioned by the company’s approval. The Customer is responsible for safeguarding any personal belongings and pieces of luggage. The Company is not responsible for luggage loss or damage. The Customer should deposit the luggage in the Passenger Vehicle in a safe way, making sure no damage will be caused to the car or to the pieces of luggage. Extra care should be applied while opening the vehicle booth and removing the luggage.
2.4.8. The company is not responsible for any property that is assumed to be lost in the Passenger Vehicle. If any of the personal belongings are left in the vehicle, these will be stored by the Company for 14 days. If the Customer does not request the goods within the 14 days, these will be disposed of.
2.4.9. If the Customer is considered to be aggressive, dangerous, harmful and behaves in a threatening manner the Company reserves the right to deny the carriage and to cancel any existing booking agreement.
2.4.9. The Driver may assist the Customer with loading and unloading the pieces of luggage into the car.
2.4.10. Seatbelts must be used by the passengers at all times during the journey.
2.4.11. The Customer is expected to comply with all rules and regulations and the Company is not responsible for any booking modifications or journey delays caused by transportation laws.
2.4.12. If the booking is made for a child younger than 14 years old, who will travel unaccompanied, the Company must be informed at the moment of submitting the booking. The Company will not take responsibility for the safety of the child, other than the regular duty of safe carriage.
2.4.13 In case of delays generated by an event caused by a 3rd party, the Customer will cover the cost of the extra charges. All costs are outlined in the Price List
2.4.14. The time given by the Company to the Customer in respect of the performance of the journey is estimative. In case of any delays and deviations from the estimated arrival time that the Company gave to the Customer when making the booking, the Company will not be kept responsible and no warranty will be given that the Passenger will arrive at the destination within the specified time.
2.4.15. If the Company finds it fit, additional charges will be applied for the professional cleaning of the car. If the customer damages in any way the exterior or the interior of the car (ex. The customer vomits or spills any liquids) a professional cleaning charge will be applied as well as a £100 fee for the driver’s loss of earnings. The rates are included in the Price List.
2.4.16. The Customer is entitled to have a maximum of one bicycle transported in the Passenger Vehicle.


3.1. Bookings and Charges
3.1.1. If the Customer chooses to pay with a Debit or Credit Card, an account should be opened prior to submitting the booking. If an account is not set up, no bookings will be accepted, and no Services will be provided by the company. The Customer must quote the account details when submitting the booking.
3.1.2. The booking submitted for Account Services is considered to be authorized by the Customer who is liable for any relating payments as well as existing processing fees. If the Customer is authorized by the Company to pay on an invoice base, the payment is expected to be submitted within 30 days from the invoice issue date. The payment will include the carriage fare, administration fees and any applicable VAT. The administration fees equal 20% of the transportation fare.
3.1.3 The Company expects all payments to be submitted by Direct Debit. Alternatively, cheques, BACS or telegraphic transfers are available as payment methods. The bank account information and wire instructions will be detailed on the invoice.
3.1.4. Invoices in respect of the Account Bookings made during the previous month will be sent to the Customer on a monthly basis or at the interval previously agreed. A statement detailing what Services have been performed and any relevant applied discounts will be sent together with the invoice.
3.1.5. If the Customer fails to pay all Charges by the Due Date, the Company will be entitled to charge interest of 30% per annum on any outstanding amount until payment is settled. The Customer will be liable for submitting the payment for the outstanding amount as well as the acquired interest.
3.1.6. The Company reserves the right to set and modify the credit limit given to any Customer. If the limit is reached, the Company is entitled to not accept and perform any upcoming bookings until the payment is made and the credited amount cleared. The Customer will be informed in writing if such a limit is set up.
3.1.7. The Customer is entitled to submit any disputes in respect of the Charges. The dispute must be submitted in writing, within 14 days of the receipt of the invoice.
3.1.8. If the account is terminated by any of the parties, the Customer must pay all outstanding Charges that are owed at the termination date.


4.1. The Company uses all information that is collected from Customers according to the Data Protection Act 1998 and commits to protect Customers’ privacy. Any personal details are collected for the purpose of completing the booking and no marketing content will be sent out unless previously agreed by the Customer. The Company collects the following type of personal data: name, phone number, address, card details, email address, etc. Customers can check the collected information on request and an email will be sent with any relevant details. If some of the information should be amended, a request can be emailed by the Customer and the Company will complete the modification in the next 24h.
4.2. The price quoted by the Company will be valid for 24 hours only. If no booking is made during this time a new quote will be provided.
4.3. The company uses Google Maps to enhance the users’ experience and to give estimated calculations of a route for a particular journey. The Company is not liable for any mismatches in the time and distance provided by Google Maps. Any details regarding the route of the journey, the precise time and distance can be requested by the customer by email at office@smart-transfers.co.uk or by phone at 02070934097.
4.4. Total time of 15 minutes for regular bookings and 30 minutes for port/ airport transfers will be granted. If during this time no contact is established with the Customer, the booking will be cancelled due to ‘’no-show’’. All ‘’ no show’’ bookings imply that the Customer fails to meet the driver at the pick-up point, either this is an address for regular bookings or the arriving hall for airport/ port bookings.


The clauses outlined under point 5 apply to all Passenger bookings either made on an account or non-account basis.

5.1. These Terms will apply for all Service Contracts between the Company and its Clients. Bookings can be made using our website or by telephone. The Booking represents an offer to Contract for carriage Services which can be accepted or rejected by Smart Transfers. If the binding Contract is accepted by the Company a Booking acceptance will be issued for all Account Bookings. For Non-Account Booking the acceptance will take the form of the driver’s acceptance to complete the job.
5.2. Any delay or omission in exercising in part or whole any rights granted by the contract or by law will not be considered a waiver and will not affect those specific rights.
5.3. The Customer is fully responsible for any incurred direct or indirect losses, damages, claims, liabilities or expenses as a result of Passengers’ actions, omissions or negligence and is liable to fully indemnify the Company for such losses. The Customer is responsible to fully repair any damage caused to the Passenger Vehicle or Driver and to fully cover any afferent costs.
5.4. The Company’s liability in relation to the Services provided will not exceed £150. The Company’s liability for lost or damaged goods within the Passenger Vehicle will not exceed £150 unless the Customer has informed the Company at the time of booking that the value of the goods is higher, and the Company has agreed in writing to be responsible for the repair or replacement of such goods.
5.5. Except for the case of death or personal injuries caused by the Company negligence or that of its agents or employees, the Company is liable as follows:
a) to the extent permitted by law, the Company will not be liable for the actions and omissions of sub-contractors to whom the Company provides Services. The Company will take all possible measures to ensure that the sub-contractors are covered by at least a third-party insurance coverage. Customers might be asked to sign a standard form of disclaimer and acknowledgement if the need arises and if the subcontractor’s insurance does not meet the agreed expectations.
b) The Company will not be responsible for any direct or indirect loss of anticipated savings, profits or business revenue, as well as losses that arise from wasted management time, business interruptions, loss of goodwill or data.
c) The Company is not liable for any delay in performing the Services, as well as any failure to perform any obligations arising from the Contract if the circumstances causing the delay or failure are out of the Company’s reasonable control.
d) The Company is not liable for any claim if the Customer does not notify the Company in writing, within 7 days from the occurrence date about the issue with all relevant details that identify the claim and the afferent value.
e) The Customer acknowledges at the moment the booking is submitted that the limitations of the Company’s liability are reasonable and fair and that any unpredictable circumstances are reflected in the Service fee.
5.6. All complaints should be submitted in writing within 7 days from the event that raises the complaint.
5.7. The termination of the Contract will not alter any rights and/ or obligations of the Company and/ or the Customer that appeared prior to the termination date.
5.8. Any notice will be given by either party in writing, in person or by post at the registered business address. For all notices sent by email before 5.30p.m., the Company will send an acknowledgement of the notice on the day and for all notices sent after 5.30p.m., the receipt will be sent out on the following Business day. The notices served by post will be deemed as received after 48 hours from the posting time to an address in the United Kingdom or 5 Business Days after posting to an address outside the United Kingdom. The notice receipt will be proved by the proof of delivery or a dispatch report.
5.9. A person who is not part of the agreement will not have any rights or obligations connected to it.
5.10. The Company reserves the right to delegate any of the obligations arising from the Contract to an agent of its choice.
5.11. If a competent court or authority decides that any of the outlined terms and conditions is invalid in whole or in part, the term will be deleted from these Terms without affecting the remainder. If an existing agreement is affected by the terms declared as invalid, the parts will have to come to an agreement and reasonable changes will be made in order to replace any unenforceable rules.
5.12. The Company is entitled to modify any of the Terms without giving further notifications to the Customers. Information on the changes made will be made public on the Company’s website.


6.1. Waiting Time Fees

a. Regular address bookings
0-15 minutes = free of charge
+15 minutes = £0.25/minute + any parking (if applicable)

b. Airport & port bookings
0-30 minutes = free of charge
+30 minutes = £0.25/minute + parking ticket (anything above £6.00)

c. Train station bookings
0-15 minutes = free of charge
+15 minutes = £0.25/minute + any parking (if applicable)

Meet & Greet is charged with £10.00 extra

6.2. Other Charges

Child seat* (infant, child or booster seat) = £10.00
Diversion or stop on the way = £3.00/diversion + charge per extra mile (depending on distance)
Wi-Fi = £5.00
Extra 30mins waiting/parking = £8.00
Credit/Debit card payment fee = £1.00

*Please note child seats are not a requirement in Taxi & Private Hire Vehicles.

6.3. Rush Hour Charges
An addition rush hour rate will be charged for all services arranged during the following periods:
MON, TUE, WED, THU, FRI, SAT (07:00 – 10:00) – 25% extra charge applicable
MON, TUE, WED, THU, FRI, SAT, SUN (16:00 – 19:00) – 25% extra charge applicable

6.4. Accepted Standard Payment Method
All online reservations are subject to card payment. At its own discretion, the company reserves the right to accept cash payments or other forms of payment. Reservations can be made via phone, email or chat online. To avoid the “no shows” and fake reservations the payment will be taken in full at the moment of securing the booking. If for any reason you need to cancel the booking, payment will be refunded according to our standard cancellation and refund policy.

6.5. Travelling with Pets within the Vehicle
Transport for London enforces that all licensed London taxis and minicabs should offer their services to guide dog users without any additional extra charge. If a company or a driver refuses to undertake a journey or charges have been applied, the customer can report them directly to the Transport for London Taxi and Minicab division. This applies to accredited assistance dog users only.

Pets are allowed within certain vehicles only so it would be ideal to pre-book such a requirement. A flat £15.00 charge (or more, depending on special circumstances) is applied for such occurrences and the pet must travel within a safe cage or with a safety leash/harness while in transit (this is a law requirement).

Cancellation Policy

Unlike the vast majority of companies within this industry, we do not charge our customers for unexpected situations where a journey needs to be cancelled (as long as this is done with 24 hours in advance of the requested pick-up time). We understand that sometimes the unpredictable happens and for unforeseen reasons, you simply can’t make it.
If you would like to cancel your booking with us, you can do this by emailing us at office@smart-transfers.co.uk with your booking reference and reason for cancellation. Alternatively, you can call us on +44 (0)20 7093 4097.

Pre-paid bookings (card payment in advance or deposits) will be refunded in maximum 5 working days from the moment of cancellation.
If a booking is cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled pick-up time, there will be a cancellation fee applied, which depends on the time we were informed:

More than 24 hours before pick-up time = no charge applied / full refund
Between 24 and 5 hours before pick-up time = 30% of journey price
Between 5 hours and 2 hours before the pick-up time = 50% of journey price
Between 2 hours and the pick-up time (driver on the way) = 100% of journey price

If you booked a journey for the wrong date/time but failed to inform us = 50% of the journey price to rebook
If you double booked with a different company but failed to inform or cancel the journey with us = 100% of journey price + parking/waiting fee
If you have booked a journey with us, but did not turn up, we will require a cancellation fee be paid, for time wasting = 100% of journey price + parking/waiting fee

Safety Policy

It is our priority to ensure our customers receive a safe transfer each time. By undertaking monthly safety checks, you can be sure that the vehicle which will be undertaking your transfer is safe and in working condition.
Making sure you reach your destination in comfort and style is our main goal. Therefore, one of our policies is to have a car fleet no older than 5 years. One other policy is to undertake weekly safety checks of the car and periodical car service checks to ensure all our vehicles are running smoothly.

Our drivers are trained to operate having in mind the customer’s safety first, even if this means taking a few minutes longer on the journey.

Safety is our priority! You can be sure you will receive a:
– Well maintained & safe cars.
– Experienced Drivers
– Additional equipment at the request
– Regular conducted safety checks
– Smooth transfers

Our Partners

Our customers are entitled to receive a reliable and professional service that meets all existing standards. Our partnerships help us evolve and offer to our customers a great transfer experience.
Among our partners that help us provide a more reliable service are:
Transport for London
ETO Dispatch
Super Finacial LTD
Class Transfers